About Us

We deliver value to our clients

As market leaders, we are best placed to ensure our clients maximise the value of their commercial agreements, developing our services to their changing business requirements.

Commercial Audits

Rickards is the market leader in auditing royalties and media trading deals in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.

Over the years Rickards’ auditing services have evolved to keep ahead of change and to meet our clients’ needs. Our audit reports provide assurance and transparency to media trading agreements. We report to our clients in a timely manner according to their requirements. To help us keep our clients’ and suppliers’ information secure, we have constantly developed our unique Rickards Audit Management system.


Bespoke Projects

We undertake projects in diverse sectors of the industry and deliver tailored plans to help drive improvements. With our clients at the centre, we develop new strategies, systems and processes to establish solutions, which support their developments and innovations.

Here are some of the projects we have completed:

  • Restructuring
  • Change of ownership management
  • Mapping sales processes
  • Contract management systems
  • Television audience demographic trends
  • Optimising financial systems


Commercial Consultancy

We have many years experience providing expert consultancy to media businesses. From the start, we will be fully engaged in the use of our knowledge to provide a quality service, which is direct, relevant and insightful.

Our expertise includes:

  • Performance related payments
  • Clauses and metrics
  • Media pricing
  • Performance benchmarking
  • Best practice

Contractual Advisory

Rickards ensures the effort that goes into developing and negotiating sales strategies is fully supported by well-designed, robust contracts and clear terms and conditions.

We work with media owners and sales houses to define and develop frameworks and formal contractual structures. We make certain that all aspects of the commercial trading agreements are up-to-date and fully executed, enabling our clients to optimise their commercial relationships. We have access to media law specialists who provide legal services in support of our commercial advice to clients.